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Hello, my name is Bono!

More about me

Male (Large). Rottweiler - Adult - DOB: 2011.
I am good with: Dogs, Cats, Children, Domestics

Shelter: Barking Mad Network
Location: Gauteng
Tel: 063 040 6071

Adopt Bono

Bono is sadly searching for a new home due to his dad relocating to Dubai where his breed is banned.  He is a Rottweiler x german shepherd boy who is 8 years young.  He is neutered, chipped, vaccinated & dewormed.  Good with children & dogs of all sizes.  He is good with cats that know dogs but a proper supervised introduction is needed.  He is good with domestic staff. He is housetrained & obedience trained.  Sometimes he is scared sometimes he wants to fight with them. He doesn’t like the windy storms.

Likes :  He loves to cuddle and is a real couchweiller.  He enjoys his daily walks to keep fit.  Goes often to the dog parks where is very social and runs off leash.

Bono loves to swim in the dams.

He’s best friend is his little Maltese brother and they love to run and play with their toys until he is tired.

He loves to sleep to the sounds of classical  /  meditation music.

My boys are in the best shapes of their lives having grown up on Hills Dogs Food.  For the perfect family who adopts them, I will pay towards their food and Pet Medical Aid for the rest of their days to be lived out in happiness.

He likes to go to the doggie parlour with his little bro.

He like to get his face wiped with his face towel and warm water every morning.

He loves ear rubs and will end up snoring in minutes



Dislikes :         He is protective of our home and doesn’t like anyone coming close to our gate or strangers coming up his humans without a proper introduction.

Doesn’t like his nails cut.

He doesn’t like it when he is startled by unknown people.

He doesn’t like it when I rest my head on his back.

He has for my personal space as I am  his human and always wants to be around or just where he can see me from.

He is most at ease and falls asleep peacefully when a part of his body is touching mine.

He has spent most of his night life sleeping on my bed, and when its summer he wants to be close to the open windows or doors.

With the proper introduction, Bono will play with any other animals, he has played with a pet mouse and a pet baby bunny in the past.