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Hello, my name is Braveheart (Scarface)!


More about me

Male (Medium). Africanis. Adult - DOB: unknown .

Shelter: Barking Mad Network (Gauteng)
Tel: 063 040 6071

Please help me find a foster home or forever home for this beautiful lonely soul. He needs a home before the end of the week.

Please allow me to supply you with Scarface’s story.

Scarface has been living in the bushes, near the river in Proclamation Hill. A colleague of mine started feeding him while staying with her aunt. The situation has unfortunately changed and her aunt is now moving in with her, she stays in Sinoville.
She doesn’t want to just leave Scarface there, as he has become reliant on the food she provides and she wants to know he is safe (the people in that neighborhood have thrown him with stones before and even tried to shoot him with a pellet gun)
She will be collecting him on Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning and will put him in a kennel at Sinoville kennels, she’ll get him inoculated and will pay for his stay for a week, she won’t be able to afford a longer stay. If by the end of the week she hasn’t found him a foster or forever home, she will be sending him to doggy heaven, rather than have him suffer without food and being harmed by passersby’s.

She would have loved to take him, but has two dogs of her own and they don’t play well with other dogs.

Scarface is an older boy and has lost some of his teeth. He has a few scars on his face (from having to fight for survival) thus the name, Scarface. She also calls him Braveheart, for surviving on the streets for so long.
He’s a bit edgy around others dogs, which is natural when you have to fight to survive another day, he’s not socialized with cats as far as she can notice, but she says with her he is a very gentle soul, I’m sure with love and attention he’ll be the same with other people.