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Hello, my name is Brigitta & Vienna!

More about me

Female (Small). Dachshund - Senior - DOB: 2006 & 2009.

Shelter: Barking Mad Network
Location: Gauteng
Tel: 063 040 6071

My aunt passed away recently and in her home, dogs were treated like royalty – they slept on beds and sofas, or their own beds, and ate the best food, including canned food and cooked chicken or liver. Their new home therefore also needs to offer similar conditions.

Brigitta is a ‘young’ 10-year-old St Bernard and Border collie (sheepdog) mix that has all the good qualities of both breeds. She does not slobber or drool, is very obedient, has good manners and loves to play and to cuddle. She is alert, but does not bark at everything that moves. She loves to run and play outside, but also loves to relax on her sofa in the lounge. I have to admit that she is quite a picky eater who prefers soft, or canned food to pellets. I love Brigitta very much, but I have to move and I live with a very possessive cat. I do not know how she would handle being taken to a shelter again and I honestly do not have the heart to do that to her. She is a pleasure to have around and most people like her on sight. I need to find her a home where she will be treated similarly to my aunt’s house. Please help, she deserves a good home, and she would be your best, most loving friend, as well as a very alert guard dog who will protect you with her life.

Vienna, a 13-year old Dachshund and Fox Terrier mix was born on my aunt’s smallholding (plot) and always lived with her. Vienna was the little princess. She sat and slept next to my aunt most of the time and followed her around wherever she went. Vienna is still quite spry for her age and loves to pretend she is bigger and scarier than dogs three times her size, but she knows when to run for cover. She loves food and attention and sleeping in the bigger dog’s basket. I need to know that in her new home, she will have some room to roam the garden, but that she will be allowed to sleep and spend most of her time indoors. She is not really used to kids, but has never bitten one. Vienna is used to living with other dogs (small and big), but does get jealous when the other dogs get attention, so keep a hand free to pat her as well. She is a loveable little scamp with lots of personality, who would make a great companion for an older person who is at home most of the time. I cannot place her in a shelter, since I do not have the heart to leave her there, but also because she would not handle it well. Please help, she’s worth it.