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Hello, my name is Cassie!

More about me

Female (Large). Africanis - Young Adult - DOB: 2015/2016.
I am good with: Dogs, Children

Shelter: Watershed Animal Rescue
Location: Western Cape
Tel: 0834470979

Adopt Cassie

Please meet Cassie.  On one of my rescue missions, I found her at a home chained on a very short chain that was no longer than a ruler length.  Emaciated, with no water or food in sight, her little soul looked broken.  The owner swore to me that she was being fed and watered so my initial thought was she has Erhlichia,(strain of billary) which is so rife in the communities these days. But then I gave them more food, medication to treat her for a week, took her off the chain and tried to educate them the reasons why chaining should not be used and the detriment it has on an animals mental state as well as the problems it can cause on her physical being due to the inability to exercise.

I arrived back (unexpectantly) the following week and found the owners sitting around idle in the front of the house totally oblivious to the fact that poor Cassie could not even get into her kennel (another sponsored item from rescue) as they had turned the entrance away and her short chain, that was around her neck again, didn’t extend to the entrance for her to even get into her kennel for warmth!  No food or water in sight and her emaciated state was even more apparent.  I try not to lose my cool as it truly does NOT get one anywhere to scream and shout.  But I realised there and then that she was going to die if something is not done as I did give them the chance to show and prove that they were interested in helping her.  So I removed her and told them I need a vet to examine her.

Well, I have told them she is not coming back and now darling Cassie is in our care.  She was literally starved and her short life and experiences has been determined by the length of her chain.  She is thus learning new things everyday and is so happy to be off the chain and to explore.  Cassie is still young.  Sterilised, dewormed, vaccinated and will be chipped, Cassie is ready to go to a home.  We have no where for her to go so a home is rather urgent.

Cassie does well with other dogs but she is scared and fears dominance so needs to be in a home where the other dog accepts her and lets her be.  She is very people orientated and very gentle and sweet so will need someone to be there for her as she grows into her own during the day.  She is a beautiful soul and we are so grateful that we have the opportunity now to find her the home she so deserves.  Please help us find her that perfect home.

Cassie is in the Western Cape at present but can be flown to her new home if need be, out of province, on our sponsored flight programme, as long as her homecheck is approved prior to her going.

Please email me or Whats app me on 0834470979 if you can adopt darling Cassie and I will be in touch.