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Hello, my name is Duke & Gizmo!

More about me

Male (Small). Jack Russell Terrier - adult - DOB: Sep 2016.

Shelter: * Barking Mad Network
Location: kwazulu-natal
Tel: 063 040 6071
Mail: network@barkingmad.co.za


Duke and Gizmo are 7 year old male Jack Russell litter mates and are very bonded. Their humans would love it if they could be adopted together.

Duke is a ball of energy wrapped in friendliness. Always up for cuddles or a game of fetch—though he insists on playing tag with the ball! This boy loves mole hunting and sprinting like lightning on long walks. He takes his altertedness to protecting his family duties seriously, keeping a vigilant eye on everything around him. He’s a quick learner, especially when treats are involved. Overall, Duke’s a fantastic companion, blending affection, playfulness, and a touch of mischief in a way that makes every day an adventure.

Gizmo is a canine delight who’s charming and his personality is so unique. Gizmo is a seasoned walker, thriving on long walks where he can revel in the great outdoors. Unlike some dogs, he’s not a fan of the pool but finds pure bliss in lounging next to it, basking in the warmth of the sun. Chill vibes define Gizmo’s demeanor; he’s the epitome of cuddliness. However, beware if you try to take away his bone – he’s not afraid to express his grumpy side. If Gizmo feels a shortage of cuddles, he takes matters into his own paws, jumping on the couch and rolling around in the pillows for a self-induced cuddle session. Gizmo is very alert and is keenly attuned to his surroundings. He’s not just a silent observer; Gizmo loves to join in with a howl from time to time, showcasing his vocal talents and adding a touch of musicality to the household. In summary, Gizmo is a laid-back, cuddly companion with a penchant for sun-soaked lounging, singing along to human howls, and savoring the joy of dinnertime, especially when chops are involved. This lovable boy truly adds a unique and delightful flavor to the family dynamic.

To adopt Duke & Gizmo, please contact us on 0630406071 or email us at network@barkingmad.co.za