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Hello, my name is Jackie!


More about me

Female (Large). Africanis. Adult - DOB: 2012/2013.
I am good with:

Shelter: Barking Mad Network (Gauteng)
Tel: 063 040 6071

Jackie’s human dad sadly passed away just before Christmas.

This is her story:

She appeared across the road from my Dad’s house, in the park, next to the Tennis courts. This was about two year back.  My Dad had thought that she may have just had puppies. It definitely appeared as if she had been dumped there. My dad fed her regularly and the SPCA made numerous attempts to catch her. Eventually they had to dart her. My Dad arranged with them to get her. She was spayed and they did the house visit and inspection and my Dad was allowed to pay for her and take her home. The SPCA came by once more and were more than pleased to see how she was thriving.

He has loved her to bits, in fact spoilt her too much and possibly even overfed her. Since my Dad’s passing, she does not had any cooked food so I think she has trimmed down a bit again. She is still living on the property with us going in to feed her daily but she is definitely pining for my dad and we need to find a perfect home soon. I live in a flat and my siblings already have over their quota of rescue animals. My brother will be taking in the little Jack Russell/Fox Terrier that she lives with.

We guess her to be about 4 to 5 years old. I truly don’t know what mix of dog she is. In one of the pictures you may see that she has quite a large blue mark on her tongue. My Dad thought for that reason that she may have been a little Chow Chow. Her colouring may even be that rich brown colour. Louis, my younger brother thinks there is a bit of Shar-Pei in her. I wouldn’t know.

She has a very bouncy personality. She is full of life. Licks you to pieces. Very boisterous and I would honestly suggest that whoever takes her is not too old but a strong adult. She does listen but had she been trained from young she would have been well disciplined I think.

She has lived along with my Dad’s little Jack Russell Fox Terrier and has never hurt him but does rough him up. When she runs down the passage way past you, she could take you out. She is very strong. I don’t think I would trust her with cats.

She would do well on a large piece of land but could live in a garden with other strong dogs.

I really would hate not to find her a home. My Dad loved his dogs very much.