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Hello, my name is Jake & Skyler!

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Male-Female (Medium). Staffie - Adult - DOB: January 2012 and March 2013.

Location: Gauteng
Tel: 063 040 6071
Mail: network@barkingmad.co.za

Jake & Skyler are being homed due to emigration.  Both dogs are sterilised, micro chipped, up to date with all vaccinations. They LOVE walks and playing with balls. They generally love playing around with each other. They chase birds and are easily excited by the thought of chasing birds in the garden (not my favourite thing they do), they get on well with other dogs, my male especially – he is very very tolerant and has the most amazing patience with other animals and especially children. My female is not as easy when it comes to other dogs, but will eventually warm up to them once she has been introduced – by no means a fighter though.
They LOVE walks. Jake walks extremely well on a lead, Skyler can be a little over boisterous with other dogs at their gates. More of a bigger bark and smaller bite syndrome. I often take them down to the river where we have an enclosed park accessible only to residents. There I let them run off their leads – I wouldn’t recommend taking their leads off in the streets as they can get over excited. Both ultimately walk brilliantly on leads. They love playing with balls, running around the garden chasing the kids, jumping on the trampoline and doing what all energetic fun loving dogs do.
Jake is terrified of bad weather, thunder is a particularly traumatising experience for him. He really just needs the comfort of someone during a storm. We have in the past given him medication from the Vet (Pax 10) to help calm him down, we have also bought him cannabis oil and given him a few drops to try and ease the anxiety during a storm. We had to raise our walls at home as Jake when scared of the weather would try so desperately to get out of the property, often hurting himself – to curb that we now lock them inside the house if we think the weather will turn bad.
But something important to note is that someone that potentially takes them will need to have high walls as he really is an escape artist. I couldn’t imagine hearing that he is missing due to having got out of the property. Both Jake and Skyler suffer from separation anxiety so they really need to be homed with a loving and caring family that embrace them as part of the family rather than looking at them just as pets. They are as much a responsibility to me as my children are and get treated the same way. They are a priority and need to immersed into the family. they do not cope well with half-hearted attention.
They get fed once a day, in the evenings and they get their standard every morning biscuits from me and my eldest daughter before leaving for school and work. They are bathed every second weekend.  They are housetrained, obedience trained & walk well on a leash.