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Hello, my name is Jessie & Jamie!


More about me

Female (Medium). Africanis. Young-adult - DOB: 2014.

Shelter: Basset Rescue (Western-Cape)

I rescued Jessie and Jamie about 4 years ago from a backyard business that was using them as guard dogs.  They were thin, emaciated and petrified of people.  I started feeding them as the owner didn’t bother.  It took 2 -3 months before I could even touch them and even longer for them to trust men.  In the end they spent their days by us (where I work full time)  and then locked up at night on the owners rented premises.  The owner then left and I persuaded him to hand the dogs over to me after I saw where he was keeping them.  They were then immediately sterilised afterwards and stayed at our premises, where I work full time.
Our business moved in June to a bigger building and is now on a very busy road with trucks and cars that speed past.  I feel this is very unsafe for them as they are not so road savvy.  Since we moved I have had them boarded in the kennels for their safety.
Jamie is on HILLS LIVER as she cannot process protein but otherwise they are both very healthy.
These girls have such beautiful personalities and are well behaved.  Not so well socialised but I feel this can be worked on.