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Hello, my name is Julie & Rocco!

More about me

Male-Female (Large). Sharpei - Young Adult - DOB: 2014.
I am good with: Dogs, Children, Domestics

Shelter: Barking Mad Network
Location: Western Cape
Tel: 063 040 6071
Mail: network@barkingmad.co.za

Adopt Julie & Rocco

Julie & Rocco’s family are sadly moving into a flat in 9 days.  Rocco is neutered & dewormed.  Julie will be spayed before homing but she is also dewormed.  Their vaccinations will also be updated. Both are 3 year old sharpei crosses.    They are both good with children & other dogs (big or small).  Rocco is fine with domestic staff but Julie will need to be introduced slowly.  Rocco is fearful of storms so the adoptive family must please bear this in mind.

They both love walking and running like race horses.  Rocco likes playing ball but Julie does not play ball as it is beneath her to play fetch.  Rocco looks vicious but is really a darling.  He gives you actual hugs in the afternoon, although it seems that he has lost his brain when he was fixed he is still a loveable dog.  Rocco is petrified of thunder but loves the rain.  Julie always drags their bedding out into the yard and will then rip it apart just for fun.  Julie does not give much affection and we are always extra careful with her when we take them for walks as you can’t always read her expressions.  Rocco does not like it when his ears are toughed and will growl when you get near his ears.  Due to the small space they have available to them at the moment and our limited time to take them for walks only my husband and I can handle them when we do walk them as they are very strong especially Rocco and try to run for the hills so you have to be firm with them.  Rocco unfortunately climbs the 6 foot wall and looks over the wall to bark at people walking past which petrifies the kids in the current neighborhood.  Julie has started jumping over the back door lately as well which I have no idea how she manages as there is not enough “run up” for her.