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Hello, my name is Juno & Jessie!

More about me

Male-Female (Small). Jack russell - Adult - DOB: Juno 6 Feb 2013, Jessie 20 April 2013..
I am good with: Dogs, Children

Shelter: Barking Mad Network
Location: North West
Tel: 063 040 6071
Mail: network@barkingmad.co.za

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Juno has a sensitive soul, he picks up on your mood. He likes to give little “kisses” when you make him feel special – kisses are 1 or 2 quick, short little licks on your one of your feet. He will sniff out a crumb the size of a grain of sand. Juno loves to cuddle, he will jump up to where you are sitting, cuddling tight next to you and there he will lay still as a rock. He has a chubby little body that is nice and warm. He is very obedient and LOVES playing with water, just not IN it. He is very intelligent and likes to learn tricks. He sits on command. Jono eats anything, even burnt supper hahaha. His favourite game is to bring ypu little gifts – socks, soft toys or clothing items…he will gemtly picknit up, bring it to you proudly and then teasingly turns his head away when ypu want to take it. His best trick is laughing – he smiles showing all his teeth!

Jessie is the sweetest little dog…she must have been a shadow in her previous life! We have a 2 year old toddler and she adores him and he loves her. Sometimes when we look for her, we find that she sneaked into his bedroom and is snorring away underneath his cot. Our son and Jessie are inseparable! She allows him to put any kind of leash around her neck (even christmas tree decorations) and patiently walks by his side. She is a licker! And when she wants your attention, she’ll use her front paw to “pull” on your arm. Oh, and she doesn’t eat anything and everything (unlike her brother Juno), she sniffs it and then if it is not to her taste, she won’t eat it…she has even denied a piece of steak before! And she only eats out of her own bowl. Whenever someone unknown to the family is too close to our son, she would worm her little body between them, almost to make sure that she can protect him.

Our dogs are best friends, Jessie is the leader of the two. Juno lets her eat first before he eats!

They are sterilized, vaccinated & dewormed.  They are both housetrained.  Their family are emigrating.