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Hello, my name is KEVIN!


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More about me

Male (Extra-large). Boerboel Blend. Adult - DOB: 2012.

Shelter: DogtownSA - Hennops River (Gauteng)
Tel: 0760441979

Hey all you good peeps. My name is Kevin and at Dogtown I’m known as Mr Big !

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a gangster dog or anything like that. The nick name is simply related to the fact that at 45 kg and 70cm at the shoulder, I’m a really biiiig dog! I’m also a magnificent tan coloured, 5 years old male Boerboel/Ridgeback blend and have been at Dogtown for almost three and half years.

I found myself at Dogtown after a kind family found me living a rough life on the streets. Unfortunately they were unable to offer me a forever home themselves so they brought me to this amazing place that I like to call “The Hotel Xanadu” because of the idyllic and magical care and love I receive here.

When first I got here I was in a rather poorly state having lived on the streets etc., so my caregivers immediately went about rectifying the situation. First they gave me a bath with some strange smelling “muti” that got rid of all the “goggas” and then they gave me a massive house to live in with lots of soft comfortable blankets to sleep on. At meal time I was given a huge bowl of really tasty yummies – and hence the Xanadu appellation :)

I must admit, at first I was rather overwhelmed and a little anxious at all the changes attention so I tended to get a bit hard-line with my caregivers. It was quite funny to see their faces when I stood all erect and bellowed out my deep baritone bark, but they soon taught me the wonders of kindness and positive reinforcement.

The walks we go on and the games we play are truly awesome and although I can be rather intimidating to peeps and other dogs, I’m really just a huge cuddly gentle giant !

May ideal forever home would be one with a large garden and a few strong young peeps that could chase me around and play games with me. Although I do prefer to be on my own, a smaller furkid friend would not go amiss :)

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