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Hello, my name is Kivu!

More about me

Male (Medium). Australian Shepherd Dog - young-adult - DOB: Aug 2022.

Location: western-cape
Tel: 063 040 6071
Mail: network@barkingmad.co.za


Written by person who found Kivu:

Kivu found his way to our home. He is not my pet per se as I have not adopted him, but I cherish the time we had with him. This is an appeal for assistance in finding him a foster/adoption family.

Kivu (which means Shadow) seems to be a young dog. He has short soft fur and loves to cuddle. He is overall a constantly happy and cheerful chap, and a daily shadow companion as he follows one around. He has a curious nature, and is also a loving, gentle and affectionate dog to all, with a never ending positive and endearing spirit. His eyes are expressive and he is communicative due to his high level of intelligence.

Kivu responds well to training and sits and responds to prompting. He is a very clever and intelligent dog in keeping with his breed, Australian Sheppie.

Kivu loves to walk, and run in an open field or available space, he loves to explore and learn about new places and activities in life. He is a healthy and enjoys his meals and is happy to get into the car for a drive and loves the view on all sides. He will return when called, and does well with routine. He is a natural herder which is in his nature, and has energy but can also rest after a good walk or run around.

Kivu expresses his sweet nature by keeping you company throughout the day and is also happy exploring the garden on his own with a chew toy to keep him busy. He loves a chew toy and he will keep returning to this toy when it is his favourite.

Kivu is ready and waiting to go to a new home from the Grassy Park SPCA