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Hello, my name is LEAPS Kittens!

More about me

Male-Female (Small). Domestic - Under 1 - DOB: 2016.

Shelter: LEAPS
Location: Western Cape
Tel: 072 268 3224

Soft kitty, fluffy kitty, little ball of fur….
Happy kitty, playful kitty, purr purr purr!

We are OVERLOADED with kitties needing homes at the moment – please share far and wide so that we can find loving homes for these precious feline friends!

If you are interested in adopting or becoming a foster family, please contact
Sandy on 072 268 3224 or

Thank you for Helping the Paw!


Oh hi… I’m Mo!
I’m such an adventurous and playful boy who loves to cuddle and purr.
I am 7 weeks old.
(being fostered with Larry and Curly).


My name is Larry and I’m 7 weeks old. I love to play and lie in the sun. I also love cuddling and kids!


I’m Curly! I am a bit shy at first, but once I feel safe I love being around people and kids!


Yahoo, I’m Raven! I enjoy exploring in the garden and snuggling before I fall asleep. My favourite snack is nibbling on your fingertips!


Hello, I’m Echo and I am a sweet-natured cutie who will fit right in. I have high energy and just want to play, play, play!


I’m Camou (short for Camouflage). I might be the smallest, but I am scared of nothing! I have a lot of attitude and I am very independent.


We are Tiger and Cheetah and we are BESTIES! We are playful, happy boys who love to cuddle. Finding a home together would be our Christmas dream come true.


Hi! I’m Elfie, Pookie’s brother. We are 9 weeks old and love to play with each other and also with YOU!


Yup, you guessed it – I am Pookie, Elfies brother and partner in crime! We are happy-go-lucky boys who love to rumble and tumble, but also love a good rub!


Wohoo! I am Indigo and I am full of action and fun!
I love to run around like a dynamo with Amber.


Hi, my name is Amber and yes, I love to run around with Indigo! But after games I always like to settle down for a cuddle and a purr.


I’m Toni and am still a bit shy with humans, but I love my kitty friends, romping and climbing around like a tornado! I’m getting more confident by the day though and would love to find a safe happy family of my own.


Aren’t we beautiful?
We are Alice and Lola and we are 12 week old sisters.
We love each other so much and would love to find place called home together. We will give you so much love and joy!


What’s up! I’m Badger, a feisty boy who loves exploring and playing. I’ll follow you around until you give me my tummy rub! Me and Boo are 9 and a half weeks old and would love to be homed together.


I’m Badgers, brother Boo and I also want my tummy rubbed please! I want to be close to my human all the time, I am full of love!


Hi, I’m Lollie! I am a 5 weeks old girlie girl who loves to sit on laps and be tickled. I’m used to other animals and kids too!


Beep beep, I’m coming through!
I’m Snowflake and I am super playful AND super affectionate! My foster brothers and sisters have been homed, just me patiently waiting now…


I’m Lila, I’m not a kitten anymore,  but I am the sweetest most loving cat you’ll ever meet! I love to sleep on your bed as much as I love to play in the garden.


We are Ben and Jerry! We love human company just a much as we love hanging out and playing with our siblings.


Kiss me please! My name is Mr’ Fluffy and I LOVE KISSES so much! I love exploring new things, I am a real adventurer!


I’m Layla, a little girl with a BIG heart! I love cuddles and human company.