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Hello, my name is Loo!

More about me

Male (Small). Domestic - adult - DOB: October 2013.
I am good with: Dogs, Cats, Children

Shelter: * Barking Mad Network
Location: gauteng
Tel: 063 040 6071
Mail: network@barkingmad.co.za

Adopt Loo

Due to emigration, Loo needs to find a new home.  The below is written by his current owner:

Loo is a very laid-back cat, he is skittish and can be a bit frisky, he’s not fond of loud noises. He is rather aloof, wanting attention when he wants it, but doesn’t mind a few pets and rubs. He is not an aggressive cat, I’ve rarely heard him hiss and has only ever scratched me if I’ve annoyed him too much, he prefers to run and hide if confronted (unless by another cat, then he does stand his ground.) Loo normally stays in one room and is not the most adventurous of cats, though he does like to go out at night. I’ve always lived with dogs, so some of this might change if he is an only pet, he may become more adventurous around the home if there aren’t any dogs, he has lived with another cat and got on well with him, but may take time to get used to another cat. If there is no easy and accessible place for him to go outside and do his business (especially if there will be dogs that will chase/disturb him), please make sure there is a litter box for him. Loo loves quiet places where he can just sleep the day away, due to him being so lazy he isn’t the most playful of cats.

Loo is prone to bladder crystals and needs to be on special cat food (Hill’s Prescription Diet, Urinary Care c/d.) I rarely give him treats and other foods due to this problem, so it will be best if you don’t either. This problem started in 2018 and I have had to take him to the vet twice since to have the crystals taken care of. Please be aware of a potential vet visit if you see him squatting in his litter box (or other places) a lot, keeps licking his lower region, doesn’t want to eat and meows frequently. If not taken care, this will become life-threatening as he will be unable to urinate and the urine will go back into the kidneys and cause kidney failure.
Loo’s only other problem is that he eats too quickly and vomits as a result. To prevent this I give him little bits of food at a time or spread out his kibble so he can’t scoff it all down at once.

Loo is a very peaceful cat, I don’t see why he won’t get on with other animals and children and other people(once he gets used to them). I have been his only human so he probably will only gravitate to one person, he’s not the most social and will quickly become overwhelmed if there are too many people around him. Please be gentle with any and everything you do with him, he does not respond well to harsh or rough handling/playing/attention.

He is neutered.  His vaccinations & deworming will be updated.