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Hello, my name is Lucy & Maddie!


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Female (Medium). Border collie. Young-adult - DOB: unknown .

Shelter: (Eastern-Cape)
Tel: 072 1762 175

Woofdy to All

My name is Lucy and I am sister to Maddie, but she is not very talkative so that is why I am the “spokes dog” for us two.

Our little doggie hearts are very sad at the moment. Our Daddy is very, as in VERY VERY VERY ill, with no humanly prospect

of getting any better, only worse, unless of course a VERY VERY VERY dinosaur bone size miracle happens.

But if it does not, Mommy will have to vacate the house soon and go live with family who will sadly not be able to accommodate

us two gals. Thus the reason for us writing this plea to you.

About us: We are sisters and both 4 years young and Border Collie x Kelpie and very smart (if I may be so forward as to say so)

Mom says that I, Lucy is a real social butterfly, I am a happy doggie (except now I am sad), I have the sweetest, Kindest, most

beautiful nature and I love everyone and everything that I meet. And she believes that I will just slot in with any new family.

My sister Maddie, however, is a bit of a … hmmmm ….  How to put it, not so much the social butterfly …. more of a loner maybe,

She is most happy in human company – she takes some time to warm up to strangers, but will be most loyal once she comes to

know and trust you and will hardly leave your side. She will be o.k. with other dogs, but will also be happy to be an only dog with

a  stay at home human (unless I can be with her to reassure her).  She has very much the working dog genes and enjoys “herding”

anything that she can …. My silly sister . She is very obedient to commands, as I am.

I am worried sick if she will cope without me, as we have been together since birth, but Mommy says it will be very difficult to find

us a home together, but that is what we are hoping and praying for. Maddie does not even want to bark about it, I think she is in

denial of this tragedy that has struck our family.

So that is our story. If you kind humans can PLEASE help me to get word out there about us. We have until the end of July to find

us a new loving family or families. If we cannot be adopted together, the family who adopts my sis, must please have patience with

her as she will take some time to trust you completely. She is also not the “cuddly type”, but just like to be quietly by your side.

We dislike rain and thunderstorms/lighting, and are used to being inside doggies, and of course sleep inside.

Aunty Erma from CSI will take calls and emails on our behalf. You can reach her on 072 1762 175 or

Thank you so much

Hopeful Woofs

Lucy and Maddie