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Hello, my name is Max and Kaido!

More about me

Male (Large). Chow - Adult - DOB: 2014.
I am good with: Domestics

Shelter: Barking Mad Network
Location: Eastern Cape
Tel: 063 040 6071

Adopt Max and Kaido

They are extremely well behaved, we as well as the previous owners have never once had trouble, and when they would have little growl sessions at each other we simply just reprimand them in a stern voice and they listen immediately!

Kaido is sterilized so he’s not very energetic or hyper, he generally just lazes around the yard. He is however slightly moody at times, he doesn’t like being fussed about, he is kind of a loner dog especially at the beginning. Once he gets used to you and the family then he is absolutely lovely, So at first don’t really try to pet him or play with him or might snap/growl at you, just allow him to smell you and get to know you as not being a threat.

Max on the other hand is not sterilized and is the most energetic dog you’ll meet so they balance each other out. He will be neutered before homing.  He loves to play and get attention.

When they first got to me they both took about 2-3 weeks to get fully comfortable. They stayed to themselves, exploring the yard. But every day I’d go and spend some time around them just showing them my hands and allowing them to smell me and slowly but surely they adapted and allowed me to play with me and give them scratches etc. You can bribe Max with treats.

They are truly lovely dogs, and once you get to know each other you guys will all love each other, they just need that initial patience to warm up and need to be placed together.

They will be vaccinated & dewormed before homing.  They are housetrained, oedience trained & walk well on a leash.  They are being homed due to relocation.