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Hello, my name is Max & Ruby!

More about me

Male-Female (Medium). Husky - young-adult
I am good with: Dogs, Children, Domestics

Shelter: Barking Mad Network - Gauteng
Tel: 063 040 6071

Max & Ruby are being homed due to emigration.   This is what their current family say about them:

We took Max in after he was found next to the highway with a broken chain around his neck. He must have run away from a bad home. Given this, all Max wants is love and attention, if you let him, he would climb into your lap for tickles and stay there all day. Since joining our family he has blossomed. He is a happy and faithful dog. He is very curious and will follow you like a shadow around the house to see what you are doing. He is very intelligent and learns quickly. He is a good watch dog and barks at strangers. With friends, children and visitors he is extremely friendly and just wants them to tickle him. Unfortunately due to his past, he is a bit sensitive about people touching his tail while he is lying down resting. He loves a short howl (no longer than a minute) in the morning with his companion dog Ruby which can either be seen as endearing or troublesome.


Ruby is a beautiful, loving dog. I call her my talking dog, because she loves to communicate with her voice. She will have a conversation with you by whining or barking about all sorts of things like, “oh please don’t stop stroking me”, “yay its supper time”, “at last you are home!”. She weaves her way into your heart with the one blue eye and her ability to communicate. She is soft and cuddly and just loves to be stroked. Ruby will bark at strangers but is actually very scared of them. She is not aggressive but rather prefers to hide away when they are around. She loves to have her little howl (less than a minute) in the morning with her companion Max as they talk to the neighborhood, which can be seen as either endearing or troublesome depending on you.


They are both sterilised, vaccinated & dewormed.  They are both housetrained & obedience trained.   Sadly not taught to walk on a leash but with correct training, they will both pick it up quickly.   They are to be homed together.