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Hello, my name is Micky!


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Female (Small). Domestic. Senior - DOB: 2005/2006.

Shelter: Barking Mad Network (KwaZulu-Natal)
Tel: 0832255152

I really am heartbroken about this cat. She lives in one of my feral colonies & has been there since I started feeding ferals more than 5 years ago. On Friday 26th i took her to the vet to have her mouth seen to & they found it to be in a terrible condition. They pulled her remaining teeth which were apparently just hanging on threads in her mouth. Vet says she’s aporox 9-10 yrs old. I’ve kept her at home in a big cage for her recovery but am very reluctant to take her back to her cold, lonely, comfortless life. During the day she hides out in the bush & after eating at night goes to the cement receiving depot across the way. I believe she goes there to be alone, away from the other cats. It is a comfortless life for her & therefore i ask if there is anybody who would take her in. She will never be a lap cat because she’s feral, but she is calm & peaceful….just wants a quiet life, food & some warmth in her old age. Please, if anybody  could find it in there heart to give her these things, contact me on 0832255152.