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Hello, my name is MISSING – Cooper!


More about me

Male (Large). Retriever. Young-adult - DOB: 2016.

Owner details
Tel: 0789305846

Hi if someone has come across this handsome boy please can you phone us on 0828788905 or 0789305846. WhatsApp, Call, SMS or through facebook. He snuck out and we have been looking everywhere around Milnerton Central Close to med-clinic. Please anyone we will be extremely greatful for any information. We just want him home and safe, and Thank you.


3 year old energetic boysturess, social and extremely friendly male golden retriever.


We still have no leads on where our precious boy is. No sign of him apparently from anyone. I have reached out to any contact that could be useful/helpful but each a dead end. We on the 4th day that he has been gone and is so friendly that he would go with whoever calls him. Which is why the more that time goes by the more worried we get. We wont give up though and would like to offer a reward to anyone that spots him especially those people who would not have reported anything or cared if they didnt think/knew that we will be giving a reward to you. So please if you are the type or person who normally turns a blind eye, we beg of you to please not to this time we will not judge,frown upon or question anyone that brings him forward. We will just hand over the R5000 reward. He is neutered and microchipped.