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Hello, my name is Jessie!

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Female (Small). Domestic - Under 1 - DOB: 2016.

Location: Western Cape
Tel: 0766879160 / 0608025561

Please could you keep a look out for our kitten.  She has been missing since the 1st June 2016 at approximately 3pm from her home in Sunningdale.  Her name is Jessie and she is about 4-months-old.    She has a very distinctive marking on her nose and she also looks like she has knee pads.  She is very friendly and loves to climb in trees.  She is microchipped, but unfortuantley is not wearing her collar.


We are besides ourselves with worry over her and do not even know yet what to tell our little one.

So we live in Del Valle Crescent Sunningdale, behind the sports complex.  Jessie is allowed out, etc, but never goes for too long.  She likes to be at home or in our garden and never stays out too long cause she LOVES food.  My hubby came home from work yesterday and when he went back to his offices in Arundel Road in West Beach, he could have sworn he saw a cat just like her running up and down the road in a bit of a rush.  When he came home last night she still hadn’t made an appearance.  He thinks she was in the bonnet of the car.

Now I am not sure if I saw her before or after that, so she could very well be in the West Beach area.  We have searched the whole area there, the bushes, flippen everything and cannot find her at all.  On the other hand  I am just trying to convince myself that she could have gone wandering and this being the first time, we are just frantic over her.  I have a feeling she is lost though and in an area she is not familiar with at all.

We got her from Fallen Angels and she just got microchipped on Monday, so we are hoping that someone picks her up and takes her to a vet.

Please, please, please can you keep your eyes peeled.  She is a very loved cat and we are desperate to get her back.

My cell is 0766879160 (Ruth)

Rodney (hubby) 0608025561

Jessie x