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Hello, my name is Shelley!


More about me

Female (Small). Terrier. Young-adult - DOB: 2013.

Shelter: (Western-Cape)
Tel: 0826168123

Parow (Western Cape)
Lost on Apr 27, 2016
Shelly is a small dog, about knee hight. She is mostly grey, and sometimes we call her jakkals (as she can look like one when ears upright). She has a nice thick tail mostly black. Shelly can be scared sometimes of noise but she is very loving. Shelly’s upper and lower gums don’t “match”, and then a small piece of her tongue will stick out. If you pet her, she turns on her back lying open legs … LOL… She is about 2.5 years old. Now Shelly has a beautiful fur, different colors (mostly grey), but it is a thick layer. At the back it looks like her fur is curling a bit. We are not sure what breed she has. She loves to kiss.  Shelly is healthy and full of life. Like playing and never had a problem with her except for this second houdini act. We moved today 27 April 2016 to a new house and she came out when busy unpacking. Although precaution were taken to ensure the dog couldn’t escape.