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Hello, my name is Tara!

More about me

Female (Small). Jack russell - Senior - DOB: unknown .

Location: Western Cape

Our ‘old lady’ Jack Russel went missing at approximately 11pm on the 25th July 2016 in Tara (Langeberg Village, Durbanville)….while my husband was pulling our cars into the garage.  She went sniffing around our neighbour’s bakkie and because she is hard of hearing, she did not come when he called her, but that is nothing new.  He left the garage open for her so that she could come around the back.  They have a doggy door that they use to get to the backyard and then into the house.  When she was still not in twenty minutes later, we started looking for her.  She has never just wandered off like that.  I drove up and down, whistling and calling her name, but to no avail.  We walked our normal walking route the next morning, but nothing.  I been cruising the streets looking for her, but nothing.  It is so cold and miserable outside and she is so old.  Even though she is ot ill at all, she has been getting up later and later since winter has started.  Clever old girl I was thinking.  Please keep a lookout for her in the Tara, Goedemoed, Sonstraal, Amanda Glen areas. She is almost completely white now with brown ears. She is blind in one eye, very hard of hearing and has a growth on her left side. Very sprightly.  Most days she does not realise her age!! (±20 years old) Her name is Tara and we love her very much.  My number is 084 626 7907.