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Hello, my name is Mona!

More about me

Female (Large). Boerboel - Adult - DOB: about 2007/2008.

Shelter: Barking Mad Network
Location: Gauteng
Tel: 063 040 6071

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Mona is boerboel of about 7 to 8 years old. We saved her from a abusive home in Potgieterus. The people who had her, had to move to a smaller complex, and my husbands
aunt contacted us about this. When we got there this dog did not even have a doghouse or blanket or anything. She was about 1.5 years old. We heard that she had a litter, but they all
died. She is very scared of a garden hose, because it was apparently used to discipline her. Scared of water. She is extremely sensitive to noises, like small dogs barking or crying or anything. She adopted me as I adopted her. Love to be around me, and will always walk on my side when I walk in the yard. We have a husky as well, and she fought with the husky
about three times over the years. Loves the attention to be on her. She has never physically attacked a person, but she is extremel protective around me. She is actually a lovely animal and I can not even think about putting her down. I have just learnt to talk to her a lot, and that has calmed her over the years so that she leaves the husky alone.
She needs someone to control her. She is actually quite smart, and learnt a lot since we got her. She will now pick the ball out of the swimming pool when it drops into the water by accident. When you water the garden, she will now stand next to you. When you open a hose she will still run away and dissapear, but it became better. Water must not spray on her.

We are sadly moving to Mozambique & Mona cannot come with as there will be no space for her.  She is sterilised, vaccinated & dewormed.  She is housetrained & walks well on a leash.

Mona Mon1