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Hello, my name is NENO!

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More about me

Male (Extra-large). Bull Mastif Blend - Adult - DOB: July 2013.

Shelter: DogtownSA - Hennops River
Location: Gauteng
Tel: 0760441979

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Well howdy doo folks. I am Neno. I am one big, soft hearted puppy and truth be told, I have no idea how big and strong I am, the humans at Dogtown say that I remind them o the Iron Giant 🙂 My life before Dogtown consisted of confinement to the back garden where my sole purpose was to scare intruders away 🙁 The person who was supposed to care for me did all kinds of things to try and make me angry so that I can be a protector but he really just scared me and I am very happy to be away from that environment now. That is no life for any dog, let alone a big softy like me. I just want to hear people say “there’s a good boy” but people tend to be scared of me for some reason.

I love kisses and cuddles and I will quite easily fall asleep on your lap while you are giving me cuddles. I am social with dogs my size. I do like smaller dogs but I really want to play and then sometimes I end up falling on top of them which is not great, so a playmate my own size is what is best for me I think 🙂

I am an affectionate boy and I really just want to be close to my people. I am not the kind of guy who can be left alone for hours on end, I don’t need to be kept busy but I like being where my family is.   Sometimes I like to invent my own games, like playing hide and seek with random “stuff” in my garden. My favourite toys are durable balls and tyre-toys.

Because of the way I was raised, to be a big scary dog (which I really am not) – I am not too fond of men because the men in my life have been very mean. I prefer ladies as they tend to me soft hearted, like me 🙂 Once I love you as my family, I love you forever but because I am not so fond of men, I am not the kind of guy who will like having strangers come and go.

I looooove food and I am a very chilled guy. I am not a busy body and most stuff doesnt phase me. I really enjoy going out on walks and walk really nicely on lead, but I am a big guy so my forever human would need to be strong.

Please come meet me, I am big boy with a small heart just waiting to be  called “a good boy”.

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