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Hello, my name is Odie!

More about me

Male (Medium). Greyhound - Senior - DOB: 2009.

Location: Gauteng
Tel: 083 703 7272
Mail: janejillianadams@gmail.com

Odie is a rescue who has been with us for two years. He is about 10 years old, and we think he is a mix between a greyhound and Dalmatian. Odie is a calm and gentle dog. I work in a dog-friendly office and he loves going to work with me and play with the other dogs. When he doesn’t go to work with me, he is home alone in our (pretty small) garden, which he seems to be fine with. I think he entertains himself by peeping through the gate, out on the street. Odie is well-behaved, house-trained and he listens well. When I am working in the front garden, he always just lays somewhere close to where I am working. He may walk and sniff around a bit, but he wouldn’t walk away. If he gets too far I simple say (not even shout) his name, and he would immediately turn around and come back. One night the gate was left completely open, and the following morning Odie was just laying in he his shed, as usual.

Odie loves car rides. We used to take him hiking with us, but we have noticed he gets tired after an hour or so, so now we just take him to the beach, where he loves to run around.

Odie is good with other dogs and children. He gets a little bit too excited when he sees a cat, but I wouldn’t know what he’d do if he caught one.

Odie doesn’t like being alone, although he spend most of the day alone (at night, and when we are at work). When we are at home, we leave the gate open and he just lays in front of the door, keeping an eye on us. Odie is not allowed in the house, and he knows this, so he just stand or lays by the door

The reason we are looking for a new home for Odie is that we are migrating to the Netherlands, and we are going to be living in a very small apartment in Amsterdam where no dogs are allowed.

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