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Hello, my name is Parmesan!

More about me

Male (Small). Toy pom - Adult - DOB: 2012.

Location: Western Cape
Tel: 063 040 6071
Mail: network@barkingmad.co.za

Parmesan is a sweet toy pom who will be neutered before homing – his vaccinations & deworming will also need updating.  He is chipped but these details need to be correctly registered.  He will need to join a family who will take the time to care for him properly – he has an enlarged heart & needs to be on daily medication (approx. R10 a day) for this.  He is scared of loud noises so needs to be part of a calm home – so a home with no young children would be best.  He would suit a home where there is a companion of a similar size who has a calm nature.  He has lived with a cat so would be fine with a home where there are dog friendly cats.  He needs to be properly introduced to any domestic staff but if this is done correctly, he will be fine with them.  He is housetrained.  He is obedience trained but does need to be reminded every now & again.

From his owner:

He loves cuddles, walks, running, exploring and really good food.

* He’s not a fan of tinned food and pellets. So I normally soak he’s pellets in some hot water, so that its not so hard. He doesn’t like the texture mainly. He loooves tuna and just about most meats, oh and eggs, so I add some too he’s pellets so that its tastier.

* He will latch onto one person and love them implicitly, will never leave your side. I wouldnt walk him without a leash just yet but I think he can be trained into that.  Pomeranians need to wear a harness. He barks often, if he’s left alone, if he wants to go outside or come back inside, anything that’s fast and loud and new will trigger him. He responds well to “thats enough, thank you”.

* When we go to restaurants, he knows to not eat off a table and he generally just sits with us. If its a place where lots of dogs go, then he will be excited to remark hes territory, I’m sure he can be trained out of it but its hard too be too stern because he’s just the most adorable thing in the world.


Only homes in CPT considered!!!!!  Ideally a home with a stay at home parent 🙂