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Hello, my name is Prince & Melody!


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Male-Female (Large). Boerboel. Young-adult - DOB: 2012.

Shelter: Barking Mad Network (Gauteng)
Tel: 063 040 6071

Owner is relocating from Benoni to Durban end of this year and I am trying to find shelter or new home for two dogs.

The person who was going to take them, cannot do so anymore.  The owner cannot take the dogs with him, the alternative is kennelling and euthanizing.  As it is, they would pine for eachother if separated.


I am including photos for you.


Boerboel is thoroughbred.  Name – Prince.

Just over 3 and half yrs old.


Not neutered (but will be done before homing), overdue for shots (due to dog’s physical strength, hard to handle – but again, this will be done before homing).  Not usually aggressive, but exceptionally good watchdog.  Has been territorial and wanted leadership with the older male dog (died of old age in October).  Extremely protective over the Russell, who is his best buddy.  They grew up together from puppies.

Prince has beautiful temperament, talks to you, craves affection and can be goofy.  Eats a lot.

Unfortunately not trained.  Plans for this went awry, due to various circumstances.  Has been dewormed recently.  Is in good health.


Jack Russell – mostly purebred.  Name Melody.


Same age as Prince.  Has been spade.

Had shots about a year ago, also recently dewormed, and in good health.

Extremely high energy, can be naughty and quite destructive (but this is due to boredom and lack of space in current property).  Melody was a rescue, who was hit over the head too much as a puppy.  It will be very difficult to train her now.  She responds to spray bottle of water, as discipline.  Is very alert watchdog.


These two love eachother and play nicely all the time.  They are not familiar with leads, collars and choke chains.

It would be pity to separate them, I am sure they would pine for eachother.