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Hello, my name is RAMBO!


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Warren Ross, Hannelie Snyman

More about me

Male (Medium). Shepherd blend. Adult - DOB: 2014.

Shelter: DogtownSA - Hennops River (Gauteng)
Tel: 0760441979

Hello world, I am Rambo. I made my way to Dogtown from another rescue centre. Back then I had some quirks which they didnt know how to deal with and that also meant that volunteers couldnt spend time with me, which sucked :( Luckily my quirks have pretty much become a thing of the past and I am ready to be adopted!

Don’t be fooled by my silver – muzzle, I am a ball of energy and love to bounce around and tackle adventures. I really enjoy going for walks and even better if I can end off my walk by collapsing into a paddle pool. I love water and love spending time just soaking up watery-goodness!

I am super smart and I love using my nose! At Dogtown I am often part of the tracking and nose-work activities and I am the best by far, even if I have to say so myself! I also love playing with ropes and tuggy toys.

So one of my quirks kind of remained (although I am much better now than when I first came to Dogtown), and that is that I am a bit strange when it comes to strangers touching me. I really don’t like it, I mean who knows where those hands have been?! However once we are friends I can be a real cuddle bug and enjoy attention. It’s just having strangers randomly pet me that wierds me out a bit, I am sure there are many humans out there who can relate!

I am not very social with other dogs, I was never really given the opportunity to know other dogs or how to behave around them, so for now my perfect home would be one where I am the only dog. That might change though, we are working on my social skills everyday!

The touching thing is a bit of a concern with kids too so a home with no young kids would be better, you know how quick grabby those tiny-human hands can be.

I know I am not exactly the obvious choice but I have so much love to give, I really really just want a family who will love me, just the way I am. Please come meet me?

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