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Hello, my name is ROCCO!

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Iwona Marczak, Victoria Jones USA, Byron Liatos

More about me

Male (Large). German Shepherd Blend - Adult - DOB: November 2014.

Shelter: DogtownSA - Hennops River
Location: Gauteng
Tel: 0760441979


Hi world, I am Rocco. I have a song stuck in my head! And it’s always there! It goes like this…. ‘You spin me right round, baby, right round like a record, baby, right round round round’ I bet you are singing it now too right? It drives me nuts! nuts! nuts! I flew over on an air plane to come stay in Dogtown, because my peeps figured I’d cope better where there is less noise. You see my brain is a tad of it’s rocker and if there is a loud noise, I have to spin spin spin and bite my tail. They say my tail is not there any more, but I’m pretty sure it’s still there, because why else would I still be chasing it?

A lot of dogs ask me, “why are you so weird?’ I don’t really have an answer for them other than I never got to learn how to be a dog when I was a puppy. I was a security dog in a very small space since I was a puppy and all I could do to keep myself busy was to spin, shout at people and protect the food I had.
Because my brain does not work like other dogs’ brains work, I have to be on medication to help me cope. I also have to do weird walking exercises through labyrinths because I struggle with my balance and my brain keeps on telling me that my hind legs doesn’t always work. Even though I have the X-rays to prove it does. Can you imagine how tiring it is to be arguing with yourself all the time?

I can’t go to a forever home yet, because of my weird brain and my super sharp teeth, but my most favorite thing in the world is food. Any food. Food, Food, Food. So if anyone feels like being my sponsor person type thing, I would be so grateful, because I’m sure that means I’ll get more food. Right?

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