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Hello, my name is Romeo!

More about me

Male (Medium to large). Boxer x - Senior - DOB: 2013.

Shelter: VANS Volunteer Animal Network Support
Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng
Tel: 063 040 6071
Mail: network@barkingmad.co.za

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Nazlee 079 530 3001

URGENT!! (update 26.02.2023)
Romeo (JHB) – still alone and waiting🙏❤️

He waits patiently for someone to come for him. He’s been alone at a house for months (info below). He needs a home where he can be an only dog or with someone who will do slow introductions and socialisation over time. His immediate need is a place to go where he can be with someone and be loved back to a trusting boy again.❤️
Not only is he very handsome, he’s smart and protective but needs to be shown that life isn’t lonely and sad.

If you’re attentive and passionate about second chances, with a great love for animals and willing to make this beautiful boy part of your life and home, please give Romeo that chance.🙏❤️

The photos below of him, sitting, looking up expectantly, accepting food (from someone he just met who showed him kindness), after having little to no physical contact for months, says it all – he’s waiting patiently for the chance to be whole again.😪

We are very grateful to have the cost of a vet check up, vaccination, microchip, sterilisation (pending vet approval once he’s healthier), collar and leash sponsored for Romeo, as part of his adoption. So, so appreciative of this kindness.🙏❤️🐾

This makes adopting Romeo that much easier knowing these costs will be covered.🙏

Please keep Sharing Romeo!
his perfect person is yet to see him…I pray you come very, very quickly for your boy🙏❤️

Nazlee 079 530 3001
*Update on Romeo:* (24.02.2023)

I met Romeo yesterday (23.02.23) so have a better understanding of his temperament. After a discussion with the owners, it came to light that Romeo had been mistreated by the guy left to care for him, who passed away about a year ago, so Romeo has been alone for many months. The owners go to the house daily to feed and water but there’s no physical contact or interaction with him. They pass his water and food through the window because he growls at them, so Romeo has had no contact for a long time.
He was, naturally, defensive and unsure of my intentions when I opened the slider to the patio and garden (his space). I offered him polony which he wolfed down with growls and warning signals because he doesn’t know who to trust.
He sat down a few times while waiting for the next polony chunk and at one time ate a piece straight from my hand but preferred it when I threw it for him on the ground to pick up🙏so he just needs time and patience and a whole lot of love❤️

He is strong and beautiful, he needs to fatten up and be treated kindly.❤️ He has a young spirit and you can see the yearning for attention and understanding.

Romeo will do well in a home with an owner who will be loving, attentive and provide consistency for him so he knows you’re not going to leave him alone.🙏
Someone who will love him back to a trusting state and allow him to find his way back to being a happy dog, at his pace.
Behind the growls, he has a sadness but gentleness in his eyes.
Ideally, a perfect home is where he can be an only dog OR with someone who will patiently and slowly spend time integrating and socialising him.🐾

If I didn’t have a six pack of my own, I would give my love to this boy.❤️

The right person for Romeo is out there.💫✨️ Please come forward. You’ll know who you are when you read this🙏❤️✨️🐾 Thank you✨️

If you can’t adopt, please SHARE for Romeo.

PS: Please no nasty comments. Let’s work to find this boy a home ASAP🙏Thank you.

Nazlee 079 530 3001

(homechecks and follow up visits apply)

URGENT! (23.02.23) Jhb

I have an Urgent need for a home for a senior dog of 10 yrs old please🙏😢 His name is Romeo. His owners moved to a new house many months ago and he’s been alone at the old house. They go by to feed him daily but he’s become very sad and depressed as the gardener who took care of him, passed away. He also got ill and stopped eating but has managed to pull through with home remedies.🙏

He has no physical contact with anyone.😪

Romeo needs a home…somewhere he will experience the benefit of sleeping inside, being loved. He needs a lifeline please🙏🌈

Can anyone please offer this boy sanctuary? 🙏

Contact: Nazlee 079 530 3001