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Hello, my name is Spotty!


More about me

Male (Medium). Africanis. Young-adult - DOB: unknown .

Shelter: AACL - Cape Town (Western-Cape)
Tel: 021 951 3010

Hi everyone

My name is Spotty, or as Auntie Tinky calls me, Spotter. Auntie Tinky says its time for me to get my forever home. She says that Ive made enough progress, but she admits I do have some fear issues that I still need to work on. But she also says that she is going to look for a special home for me with special parents – I think its because I am a special dog. It will be someone who will give me a chance to get to know them. Its very difficult for me to know who to trust and who not. So I need some time getting to know you and to relax with you. All I can promise you is that as soon as I feel comfortable with you, I will give you kisses and hugs and all my love!

End of last year I was handed over to AACL in Bellville. I was beaten unconscious by a mean man, and more things happened but I cannot remember. At the AACL Auntie Helen gave me a kennel with blankets and food – its like having your own little room. I didn’t know what to expect – I was so scared – I just crawled into a bundle and remember shivering and feeling intense fear. Auntie Helen says I was traumatized. I am not sure what that means.

Auntie Tinky says she was on leave when she met me at AACL. She sat with me every day. We just talked and sang songs and she had lots of treats. After I few days I dared to smell her and allowed her to touch me – oh happy feelings. Auntie Tinky had to go back to work and could only come visit weekends. It was soooo exciting every time she came to visit me! She would take me in her car to a big park – she was so proud of me – said I walk beautiful on the leash. We watched the ducks (which I didn’t chase), and there were some other dogs too – which didn’t bother me. Auntie Doris, a volunteer friend of Auntie Tinky, also came to fetch me for a walk in the park, with my previous roommate (Blue). Awh, it was so much fun – and I behaved my very best – heard Auntie Doris say so to Auntie Tinky.

So, If you are calm, have a spot available for me in a quiet home, I am your dog. Unfortunately, due to my past, I don’t think I can do children very well – they are very scary to me. Auntie Tinky says I “ignore” them but we are not sure what I will feel if a small scary child should come running to me. I am also still very scared of strange men too. If I get a new dad, I will need some bonding time with him. He needs to reassure me that I will be safe with him. But I do get around with most other dogs – I just don’t like the dominant ones very much.

That was my story. Auntie Tinky says I am a stunning beautiful loving hunk of a dog – I’m just a little bit damaged, and thus need time to get to know you.

All my love to give


PS  Note from Tinky

Spotter definitely still is somewhat insecure/traumatised – mainly with men. A friend of mine’s young teenager son walked Spotter with me, and later played with him in the kennel, and Spotter was fine with him. This makes me believe that once you have met Spotter, and you walk with him and spend some time with him, he will bond very well. He does well with people that are calm and soft and tend to bond easier with females than males. Spotter needs a special kind of human – one who understands his fear and will build on his confidence.

Spotter is up for adoption at AACL Bellville. An adoption fee and a home check will apply. If interested, you can call Jolanda on 021 951 3010.