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Hello, my name is Tammy!

More about me

Female (Medium). Africanis - Adult - DOB: 2009/2010.

Shelter: P.E.A.R
Location: Eastern Cape
Tel: 0732842921 / 0729596201

Adopt Tammy

Please help me to find a loving home for Tammy so that she can get the sparkle back in her eyes and the sunshine in her heart.

Tammy is a medium sized (knee-height, weighing 22kg), female dog and she is approximatly 6 or 7 years old.

Tammy was found by Dog Control as a stray in Taite Street, Newton Park in September 2011 and taken to what was then the old municipal pound in Sidwell. She was a bit on the thin side, very scared, covered in ticks and fleas and had puppies somewhere but Dog Control couldnt find them.

Unfortunatly (or fortunatly depending on how you look at it) Tammy’s owner never claimed her and so she became a PEAR child.

Tammy and Kenzo (another of our rescues) moved into the “greenhouse” (a little 3 roomed building at the pound that was painted green) and soon settled in.

Tammy and Kenzo were homed together but returned to us a week later because….. they shed (their hair.) I was at the pound waiting for them the day they were taken back there. Kenzo seemed quite happy to be back and ran around wagging his tail but that was the day I saw the light had left Tammy’s eyes and the look of sheer betrayal in her eyes now 4 years later still haunts me.  But life carries on and Tammy settled back into our old routine.

Not long after being returned to us Kenzo went to his forever home. Tammy unfortunatly could not go with as the family already had 2 other big dogs.

And so Tammy moved out of the “greenhouse” and into Adam’s old run.

In January 2014 the pound burnt down and we moved our remaining 7 rescues that were still there to a shelter in Greenbushes where we are now 2 and a half years later still boarding 5 of the origional 7 plus 1 new 1. Not long after we moved to Greenbushes a breed specific shelter in Johannesburg offered to take Tammy in and so believing her chances at a happy home were so much better there than here Cindy and I said our goodbyes to Tammy at the airport, told her that she must be a good girl and she must always remember that we love her and will never forget her.

To cut a very long story short we flew Tammy back to us a week later.

Unlike the previous time Tammy had been returned to us this time she was beside herself with excitement and happy to be back with us.

And so once again life carried on.

But Tammy isnt doing well at the shelter. She lives for saturdays when either Cindy and I or Nikki and I visit and I take her out into the play area. For that far too short a time on a saturday morning Tammy is happy but the sparkle that left her eyes so long ago never came back and it is killing me. We make life as comfortable as possible for Tammy and our other 5 rescues at the shelter. She has a nice kennel and nice warm blankets but living outside during these icy cold and wet winters has resulted in her having to get Metacam and Mobiflex every day. I took her to the vet for her annual check up last month and except for the arthritis she was given a clean bill of health. But Tammy cant carry on living like this. She needs a nice warm home and she needs it soon.

Tammy must preferably be homed as an ONLY dog or with just 1 DOCILE male dog.
There must be NO cats, NO children, NO teenagers. I so wish Tammy could tell me what children and teenagers had done to her in her past that she doesnt trust them. But maybe it’s better that she can’t. Better that I dont know.

A home with an older person living alone and needing a companion to watch TV with or to sit in the garden with on a sunny day will be perfect for Tammy.

Tammy loves walks and she walks well on the lead but it is not good for her hips. She loves her squeaky toys and she can spend hours keeping herself entertained. She does not need a huge garden.

There is NO adoption fee for Tammy and PEAR will continue to pay for her Metacam and Mobiflex and I will keep her supplied with squeaky toys and cookies BUT strict homechecks apply.

ALL the person who adopts Tammy has to do is FEED her, LOVE her, give her her meds EVERYDAY and let her SLEEP INSIDE.

Tammy MUST be homed in Port Elizabeth. We are NOT prepared to send her out of PE again. I dont ask you to understand that, I just ask that you respect that decision.

Even if you are NOT in PE, please share this post. You never know who from where knows someone here in PE who might be suitable as a mommy for Tammy.

Please see the 3 posters attached.

Please phone me at 0729596201 or email me at OR phone Cindy at 0732842921 should you wish to adopt this special girl.