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Hello, my name is Winston & Lady!

More about me

Male-Female (Small). Wire haired - Young Adult - DOB: 2015 & February 2017.

Location: Gauteng
Tel: 0829253133
Mail: adoptions@woodrockanimalrescue.co.za

Lady is approximately 3 years old and is a mixbreed rescue. She’s a small dog and she will attach herself to anybody who gives her kindness and love. She is extremely shy at first but so attached to her person and the most snuggly dog in the world. She follows you everywhere and just looks at you with love in her eyes. She loves going for walks and is extremely obedient. She will make an incredible family dog as she thrives off attention and whilst she loves going on walks (plays and gets excited), she is otherwise very low energy and happy to chill on the couch all day. She will do fine as a single dog provided she has plenty attention, but if she is going to be left alone during the day then she will need a friend. Her only unfortunate trait is that she can bark when left alone outside, but if you walk her beforehand or leave her inside, then she won’t. If you go out for dinner at night she doesn’t bark (we have a Petcam to check in on the rare occasions we do go out and she is always fast asleep on the couch). She is spayed, microchipped and house trained and her vaccinations are up to date. If you are looking for a shadow, this girl will be perfect!
Winston is about 1.5 years old and is a pure breed wire haired fox terrier. He is neutered and vaccinations are up to date. He is not microchipped but I will do so for my own account before rehoming. He is house trained but can mark in unfamiliar territory. He is the most incredible dog but he is HIGH energy and needs lots of attention (it goes with the breed). I am worried most about him as the breed is SO cute, but they are difficult dogs if not managed correctly. He is very easy going (apart from the cat situation) but in the incorrect home, the breed can become destructive. He gets on well with all other dogs and loves to play. I would prefer somebody who is familiar with this breed, or at least somebody who knows terriers.
Both dogs are used to a farm environment so would be best suited to a large property, but that said we often keep them in our sectioned off garden and they’re happy as anything and happy to lay in the sun and tan. They are amazing with other dogs and very playful, but won’t be able to be in a home with cats (of course), or any small  animals such as chickens or rabbits that free roam. We do have chickens and goats but they are sectioned off in a pen. They are very friendly with pigs and horses and are used to being in their company. Both dogs are inside dogs and won’t be happy sleeping outside. They are happy to sleep in their own beds in a separate room, but not outside. Whilst they have always been allowed on our couches, they are very quick learners and would learn not to jump up if the new home wouldn’t be happy with it. Apart from the above they have no other vices and are just the most fantastic dogs that will thrive in a happy home.