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Hello, my name is Wollie!

10. Wollie good eye

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Male (Large). German shepherd. Adult - DOB: 2014.

Shelter: (Eastern-Cape)
Tel: 072 1762 175

A bit of a sad, but also exciting!!

Hello to All

Today is one of the days when the Angels will be send out in search of that VERY special human being,

because THAT is exactly what Wollie is needing right now.

Finding awesome homes for over-the-top-cute-pups, is supposed to be an easy feat – but also becoming

increasingly difficult with some of our pups waiting for many weeks and even many months to find that

special home.

Now finding an AWESOME home for a one eyed shy and timid township doggie – that is upping it another level.

The sad part is thinking about the hard and sad life that Wollie had to endure up until now. He is part of a pack

of 5 dogs, but with the jobless owner hardly able to properly care for one – fortunately the owner gratefully jumped

at the offer of CSI sterilising all his dogs. When he learned that Wollie’s eye needed to be removed, he asked us if

we could not find Wollie a good home. This is not as such a matter of the owner dumping a one-eyed dog, but

more that he is really struggling to look after them all – and we can see that he is trying with the little means to his

disposal. Furthermore Wollie already lost one eye to injury in the township (we don’t know how). Sending him back

with only one good eye, is really not something that we would like to do, especially with the owner also asking us to

rather find him another good and safe home.

The exciting part is knowing that there is someone special out there who will fall in love with Wollie, and accept and

love him just the way that he is. We have seen SUCH miracles happen over the years, even earth angels adopting

completely blind dogs! So the challenge is to get Wollie’s plea out as far and wide as possible until that special person

is reached. Will you kindly help us to share if at all possible.

Wollie will be at the Vet for the next 10 days or so until his stitches can come out. Then we need a place of safety to

take him to. A foster home or … “golden buzzer” … going through to his final and forever awesome pawesome home!!

That is what we hope and pray for. Wollie is approx. 5 years old.

To adopt or foster Wollie, PLEASE contact 072 1762 175 or