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DT: Meet our beautiful Blaze

Taming the Wild

Taming the Wild

The amount of feral dogs we have come across since moving out to the farm has been alarming to say the least. Each week we come across at least one or two. They are super smart and very savvy of their areas, so catching them and bringing them to safety is often really difficult. But as always the team here never give up. If we could even just keep them safe out there in their open pieces of land it would be a win but sadly their pieces of land them call home are riddled with dangers. The biggest being the surrounding roads which they cross daily. Cars whizzing by without a care in the world. It’s an awful and heartbreaking sight seeing poor animals that have been killed due to cars 🙁 Then of course not all people enjoy having stray and feral dogs living on their property so they are often chased and they quickly realise people are not the greatest and should be avoided at all costs. Which makes us trying to capture them even more difficult. They don’t understand we are trying to help they just see us as a BIG DANGER. More often than not we have to begin with simply putting food and water where we see them and hope that they at least start eating healthy as most of them look like they have been struggling for a long time to find stuff to fill their bellies. They eventually realise we are the people that bring food and if no-one else interferes (which is almost never the case) they at least don’t run for miles and start to decrease the distance that they think is safe. This of course is in an ideal world but more often than not they either become weak which allows us to catch them or they run into an enclosed area where we can catch them easier. Today I’d like to introduce little Blaze he was one of those dogs we kept seeing running alongside the road but when we stopped to help he would run into the field and we couldn’t see him anymore. One day the clever little chap decided to come and take a walk through our farm. The team got straight to it. Placing a kennel, blankets, food and water in the area where he was seen. Before we knew it he had settled in to call this place home. When he saw our caretakers on the walking trails he would try and come and say hi to the dogs as somewhere along his travels, he had lost his street pal so was probably very lonely now to. We noticed in the mornings he was still snug as a bug in his kennel so decided to put a crate there instead and because he was so used to us walking by in the morning and delivering his food, it was easy just to shut the crate door a few days later and bring him to the safety of the centre. He’s been with us 10 days now and you would never know he was living as a feral dog. He cannot get enough cuddles and love, although he does find going out into the big bad world on his walks very scary. So we take each day as it comes and move at his pace. He’s still young and seeing his improvements over the past 10 days helps me believe that this little fella is going to be ok and will hopefully join a forever family in the near future.
Please will you show your love for our little boy and SMS BLAZE to 38919 to donate R10 to his care. Or email Pat@dogtownsa.org if you could help him a little more.

Check out my video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvbYP8azfDY