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So I often think as I rattle through thoughts in my head whether anyone else overthinks situations as much as I do or am I the only one.

Ive decided to share the crazy world of my mind with you all (brace yourselves you’re in for a bumpy ride) to get things off my chest and to also hopefully find out that I’m not the only crazy dog lady.
Todays musings come to me courtesy of finding a deceased cat.
I tell you I’ve never had a cat but the sight of that cats lifeless body broke me today. I thought how do I find the owners and let them know their beautiful child has crossed the rainbow bridge. Are they out searching for her, are they desperate to know she’s safe ? 🙁 I took her lifeless body to the vet, and scanned for a chip, which in this case she had one and I could contact the family and let them know the sad news.

As I have never had a cat I was wondering how cat families don’t worry constantly where their cats are. I at least have a good idea that my dogs are secure in their gardens and cant nip out for a jol around the neighbourhood. Although I reckon the majority would be much happier beings if they could. Seriously though the majority of pet dogs  just don’t have the street smarts to safely go out on a solo street adventure.  But cats have the freedom to go where they wish but along with that freedom comes the dangers of the big outside world. People in cars driving like idiots, dogs, snares, other cats and goodness knows what other dangers there are out there.

I don’t think I could handle not knowing my cat was in a secure place 24/7 but when I watch the cats out playing with each other running about, stalking birds I think wow they look like they have such an awesome life. I have heart palpitations every day over s stray cat that moved herself into dogtown. We’ve named her Sylvia, to be honest I called her Sylvester only to discover she was in fact a young lady. She swans round the place without a care in the world and we are all having a daily meltdown at either her bravery or stupidity when waltzing past the dogs. Needless to say she has become our honorary cat and let me tell you if she doesnt pitch up for a meal, we are all frantic looking for her. But because she is feral we have little control of her comings and goings, although she is definitely becoming much more trusting of us all.

It’s sad that in domesticating animals we have somehow took away most that is natural to them and that makes feel a little sad.
In my opinion cats although with obvious dangers, still gets to live out most of their natural behaviors. Apart from the fact we have them living with dogs in such close proximity. Naturally cats are more loners and would choose to live on the outskirts whereas dogs are more needy of companionship and choose to be closer to their families.

In saying that I’m going to bring up my usual point though. That every animal is an individual. Ive seen plenty of cats that like to lie with or on top of their family members including the family dogs but Ive seen plenty that believe we are all here to feed them and serve them as they see fit only he he.

We support a feral colony with food and my heart goes out to all of those that take on this really important job. The stress and worry one must endure when one of the ferals doesn’t arrive for dinner must be soul destroying I doubt I have the chops to do this kind of work.

So my question today to all you cat family peeps out there is, do you constantly worry bout your cats whereabouts ? Is there a way you can keep them safe in your property ? Do you think, cats be indoor pets only ?

Ok now Ive got that off my chest, give me your feedback 🙂 thank you for listening to my ramblings and enjoy your Tuesday.


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