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My dog needs a new home because …

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My dog needs a new home because …

Ok brace yourselves, I’m in a ranting mood today. Ive toiled with all the reasons people dump / surrender their animals and the majority I just cant accept.Im sure your fathers are going to be ruffled but my theory is this, if you cannot commit your life to your dog for its entire life no matter what, you should not have a pet, simple as that. Ive tried to understand all the excuses but in all honesty selfishness plays a HUGE part in people giving up their dogs and no matter how much you are upset about dumping your dog, at the end of the day it was your choice, everyone has options, you chose the option of dumping your dog.
One of the most common  excuses these days is ,I have to move into a smaller place and I cant take my dogs with me. Really ? All our staff who dont earn huge salaries are living in places with their dogs ? When you are looking for somewhere, your dogs should be as an important part as the requirements as how many bedrooms you need. People live in apartments all over the world with their dogs. They make it work, they dedicate their time ( which doesn’t cost anything) to go home and walk their dogs and attend training classes with their dogs. Crikey there are people that live in informal settlements that can barely put food on the table and yet they can keep their dogs.


Just this week there was a huge social media appeal for a homeless man that had his dogs taken away from him as the “do gooder” thought he couldn’t possibly take care of them. Here’s a man that literally shared the food he had for himself with his beloved pets. Would it be easier for him each day to just look after himself, sure it would but the dogs were his companions and family and he realized how valuable they are. Hopefully the community will come together to help this incredible man back on his feet because here is a man that no matter what committed his life to his dogs.
The truth is, this excuse of having to move into a smaller place is based on finding something within your budget and to the standard of living you are willing to accept. To tick all the right boxes obviously takes time and a huge amount of effort and is generally too much of an inconvenience for people. You may not be able to live in a fancy apartment but you can live in a garden cottage or cluster home. I feel your choices are because you value your own life comforts above the life of your pet. I’m not blind to our countries situation I do realise most people are down sizing and moving into places that are more secure but again its all your personal choice. For me Id rather live in a garden cottage where I can keep my dogs, crikey Id live in a tent if I had to. I know a lot of you don’t think that way and that’s where we clash. Your pets life is dependent on you, they didn’t choose it, you chose to have them as your pet so at least have the decency to respect them and include them in your plans.


The next big one is we’re going overseas. This one is hard, it is really expensive to take your dogs overseas but again this decision didn’t happen overnight and you wouldn’t be moving overseas if you weren’t moving to greener pastures so surely your dog should be able to enjoy this to. Its again prioritizing, you wouldn’t leave your human child behind because its going to be really expensive to school them in the new country would you ? If you couldn’t afford schooling your kid you wouldn’t go.
One of my saddest surrenders is when older people move into retirement villages 🙁 Till this day I don’t understand how the nursing homes don’t realise how beneficial the old peoples dogs are to them. Instead they are removed from everything they know with no real companionship. I find this too sad for both the humans and the dogs because generally older people spend so much time with their fur kids.
The list goes on, we’re getting divorced, my girlfriend / boyfriend doesn’t like him. My girlfriends/ boyfriends dog doesn’t like him. We’re having a baby and can’t keep the dog, (because no family in history has ever had a baby and a dog right) My family are allergic , cant afford the dog, don’t have time for the dog. New houses garden is too small needs to find a new home with a nice big garden. REALLY, you think putting your dog into a little garden at a shelter is better than him having a little garden at home and your companionship. You can take your dog for a walk  or to the park. They don’t need a huge plot of land to be happy, they need YOU
So again, when you are surrendering your dog, its your choice, you have chosen something over and above your dog, whether its comfort, safety, convenience, it was your choice. After all these ramblings I have to say I am grateful that you are at least contacting shelters to help you find your dogs a home. We might not agree with your choices but you have put some consideration into your dogs well being and we are grateful because too many people are just leaving their dogs behind on properties, dumping them at the side of the road, giving them to their domestic workers, the list is endless.

At the end of the day all I ask is that humans to realise a pet is for life, if you can’t offer that then don’t get one. Rather volunteer at a shelter or foster a pet, there are plenty of ways you can spend time with a special furkid.

Id love to hear your comments and feedback: email me tracy@barkingmad.co.za

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