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11 days…. 10 new intakes!

Hi Townies

2020 has kicked off with a bang! We are 11 days into the new year and we have 10 new intakes! 

Yikes!!! I hope this is not an indication of what is to come in 2020! We are seriously under pressure with the amount of highly adoptable dogs in our care and adoptions have come to a complete halt. Which makes Janu-WORRIE even more worrisome for us at Dogtown.

I think the problem comes in with people thinking we only have “misunderstood” dogs at Dogtown. While we do have a rehabiliation section, we also have a full section of Adorable Adoptables who are not misunderstood or “damaged” as some people think, in any way 🙂

With the 10 new intakes so far for this year, (of which 8 are puppies), we are filling up our Adorable Adoptable section even faster so we thought we would introduce you to the 2020 newbies who will all be ready for their forever families soon!

Please contact adopt@dogtownsa.org for more info on all our adorable adoptable dogs, all waiting for their happy ever after!

Laura – our very first 2020 rescue! Sadly the victim of a hit and run on the N1 highway, we believe related to fireworks. How our team managed to find her in the vast area is a miracle in itself. Laura had a broken leg when they found her. She was also lactating so we knew she had puppies out there somewhere. Our team searched the area for days afterwards but we suspect she ran away from fireworks and ended up on the highway, so her puppies could literally be anywhere 🙁 Sadly we never found her puppies but Laura has undergone extensive surgery on her leg as it was a very bad break. Other than that she is doing well and currently getting the rest and post-surgery care she needs with her foster mom.

To donate towards LAURA’S care – CLICK HERE 



Despite being at our limit, we could not turn a blind eye to this little family’ plea. We went out and fetched Mom Rani, and her 2 pooplets Suri & Paris, from Attridgeville as they were “unwanted”. All 3 were covered in ticks (especially inside their ears). Our awesome vets gave them a once over, they all got vaccinated, dewormed, treated for ticks and tested for distemper and parvo. After the all clear, the little family arrived at Dogtown and settled in quickly!

To donate towards RANI, SURI & PARIS’ care – CLICK HERE  

And we welcomed even more puppies to the family …… Our security alerted us to puppies in a drain on the neigbour’s property. Of course it was 8pm on a Saturday night 🙈 Tersha and Picane made their way to the neibouring farm and managed to get 4 puppies out of the drain. No sign of the mom. They want back early Sunday morning and managed to get the remaining 2 puppies  We have set a trap to try and get mom but no luck as yet, she is too clever for us at this stage. But we hope to catch her soon and re-unite the little family  Puppies seem healthy, considering their drain-home. They are only about 4 weeks old at the moment. Welcome to the Dogtown family Motozi Litter 

To donate towards MOTOZI LITTER’S care – CLICK HERE