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What to do if your dog is bitten by a Snake

With spring suddenly upon us and the incredibly warm weather we are experiencing, it means the chance of coming across a snake on your walks has increased. In South Africa there are over 120 species and luckily most of them are not dangerous to animals or humans. However, there are a handful that are venomous […]

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Before you get a dog ….

Being a dog owner is an amazing and rewarding experience, but acquiring a family dog is a decision that should not be taken lightly and adequate research should be done before opting to become a dog owner. Your dog deserves a loving, stress free home and environment so very careful consideration must be given before […]

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“I found a stray”

“I found a stray” is one of the most stressful lines shelter staff hear on a daily basis, mainly because it emphasizes the massive problem we have with the number of lost, unwanted and abandoned dogs wandering our streets. However there are many instances when dogs brought to rescue shelters, by kind well-meaning people, are […]

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Why socializing your puppy is so important

Cute, adorable, cuddly, fluffy are some of the many adjectives we all use to describe a puppy when we first see it or meet up with it and we immediately fall in love with him or her and instantly want one. We are willing to spend hours o0ohing and aaahing with them, playing with them, […]

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