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A day in the life of Mia

Hey there! I’m Mia!

I’m a new resident at Dogtown and I love the new farm out in Hennops River.

We’re all the way up in the mountains and it’s the best place to chill and lay in the sun all day.  Much better than that scary place where I used to stay before. Although the food service is a bit slow and they always put my chow in these weird ‘brain bowls’, it makes up for it in great taste. I even get coconut oil mixed in with my food to keep my skin looking good and healthy.  I love feeding time.  I always get the most excited and shout the loudest so that my carer will feed me first.

Although I’m very nervous about going on walks at the new place, I love it when my carer comes and spends time with me in my own private garden.  We play with this rope toy that I can’t help but try to rip to shreds!  We also do lots of training where she gives me lots and lots of treats! I’ll do it for normal Montego pellets, but I love it when she brings the liver bread. That’s how I know I’ve done a good job!

The neighbours aren’t too bad.  A handsome fella moved in next door last week.  Even though I don’t like some dogs, Tarzan and I get along just great.  We have awesome chats across the fence with our tails wagging all the time.

Life in the mountains isn’t bad, although it doesn’t beat a furever home.  I’m quite nervous around strangers but if you give me a biscuit or two, then you’re going straight into my good books.  So come down for a visit and you can see for yourself what a nice chill life we have here!

By Savannah, Caregiver

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