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A dog with a bad rep and a good heart

Hello ladies and gents,

Michael-2If you are interested in reading a ‘happy ending’ story about working with a dog with a bad reputation, then carry on scrolling.

This months story is about a small brown dog called Michael, otherwise known as ‘smiley’.

Now smiley has been in my care for a month now and has made leaps and leaps of progress.

When he first arrived to me, there was quite a bit of debate whether I could ‘handle him’ and if he should rather go to someone else. I love a good challenge so I opted to have Michael stay  in my section.

His reputation however, has not followed him here. I was told he is a dog who ‘redirects when he sees another dog or put under stressful situations’. Although he s a small fella, he does have quite a bit of power behind him so of course I was nervous but excited and couldn’t wait.

When starting to work with him I found a few things to have changed. Yes, he did pull an incredible amount when on the lead and doesn’t respond at all to the clicker or his name or any for of verbal cue. So, I started doing Meet and Melt with him on every single walk and now he walks with a slack lead all the time! No need for a muzzle or any thing as drastic as that any more.

When testing his re directing, Yes, he was very dog reactive, but way to fixated on the dog to redirect. So I start walking him (without a muzzle) passed a dummy dog at 25m. He showed no sign of reacting at all. In fact he actually looked away and carried on. Today, he was able to stand about 5meters away from another dog and not worry at all!

Talk about a dog with a just a bad reputation and a good heart.

If you want to come and see just how we Michael is doing, then please pop in for a visit or better yet, volunteer and you could spend the whole day with this and some dude if you wanted to. I know he’ll love it.

By Savanna – Caregiver