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A Guide to Pet-Friendly Eateries in South Africa

A Guide to Pet-Friendly Eateries in South Africa

By Mary-Jane Gallagher

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 10.21.20 AMThe population of dogs in South Africa is about 7.4 million in 2018, as reported by PetSecure. This is a clear picture of how more people have embraced pets as part of their day-to-day lives. Pet owners are actually spending more time with their dogs, cats and other pets – even taking them to eateries. This has led to an increase in pet-friendly dining options and restaurants. Many restaurant owners are joining the growing trend and are incorporating animal food on their regular menu and pet-friendly spaces to attract more customers. However, guide dogs are currently the only pets allowed to some of the restaurants and eatery locations.

Here’s what you should know about pet-friendly eateries in South Africa:

Availability of Amenities for Your Dog

A good pet-friendly outlet or restaurant has a customer service that is dog-friendly. They include things such as water bowls for the dogs when they bring water for the pet owners. It’s a way to make you feel your dog is valued and welcomed. Also, look for eateries that offer dog menu or have a steady stream of dog treats available. If the food is fantastic, be sure that dogs have a sharp memory for places where they can get food. They may guide you next time back to the restaurant.

Consider the Restaurant’s Location

Most dog-friendly restaurants are located near dog parks, pet stores and sometimes at the beach shores where people come with their dogs during leisure time. One of the main features of a pet-friendly restaurant is the presence of an outdoor seating area to cater for the pets. Other clues you might notice include spotting multiple dog footprints around the area and bumping into people walking around with their dogs and pets. Some restaurants display signboards which show if pets are allowed at their eating place. You can further inquire with the attendants on the restaurant policy restrictions and allowances regarding pets at the eating premises.

Ample Space for the Pet Owners and Their Pets

As mentioned earlier, space is essential when searching for pet-friendly eateries. A restaurant that is designed for dogs, can still draw customers who don’t love pets. To solve these, find joints that have pet-friendlies patios. This way, dog lovers and pet dissenters can stay segregate while both are enjoying their lovely meals served. When it comes to seating, ample space should be available for both pets and their owners so that the pets won’t be in the way or risk being hurt or tripped over.

Dog-friendly restaurants have spurred a new style of culinary experience by introducing dog menus. Restaurants offering a specialised dog menu end up attracting more clients thus boosting their profits. This trend is expected to continue growing with more pet owners spending more time outdoors with their furry friends.