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About Ricky

Ricky & Wendy-7So some of the dogs at the centre that came in to our care for behavior problems, were actually medically sore.

The was our little Ricky, he didn’t enjoy being patted in some parts of his body, but once we had him medically checked out we knew exactly why. The poor guy had so many joint problems and he was in pain, Once he was on the correct supplements and his exercise plan put in place, we started to try some gentle t touches on him. Even the gentle t touches were a little too much for him so we began doing the t touches with a feather and rewarded him when he accepted the touches. I also rewarded him each and overtime he chose to come towards me and touched his body against me, this was a big break through allowing him to make the decision to come to me. As time has passed he has become much more comfortable with being touched, I think he has so many bad memories of him being hurt when people pat him, he naturally prepares for the worse. Its lovely to see him accepting the touches now, I think he’s finally enjoying it now.

By Patson