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Adoptions in March 2019

March Adoptions –

6 of our babies joined their forever families this month!


Ah little Summer! This little guy was picked up by one of our caregivers one morning, on his way to work. The tiny kitten was only a few weeks old and he was placed in foster care so that he could get his regular feedings 🙂

We all fell in love with this little guy very quickly!

It was no surprize that he was snapped up and his forever family waited patiently until he was old enough to go home!

So last week this little handsome kitty, now known as Whiskey, joined his forever family and I can see he already rules the roost!

Have a happy life little Whiskey <3



Finally it’s mama Jamie’s turn to be adopted!

Mama Jamie and her 10 pups were found in a veld close to Dogtown last year. It was not an easy road for this “little” family, Jamie could not feed the teeny tiny pups because of an infection in her uterus, so the pups were split between our caregivers and hand reared All the beautiful puppies were adopted in no time and finally now it was Mama Jamie’s turn for her happy ever after.

She now has a super big brother, Jack, who was also adopted from Dogtown. He is going to make sure she settles in alright. Jamie also made friend with the cats in no time.

Enjoy your happy ever after beautiful girl, you so deserve this!


 WhatsApp Image 2019-03-11 at 11.49.15Handsome Liam has been adopted by the most amazing family. This old boy was picked up as a stray and sadly we could never locate his family After a few weeks at Dogtown, he was placed up for adoption.

Towards the end of February we participated in an “adoptathon” and Liam was one of the chosen furkids who joined us on the day. Well there he was, minding his own business and suddenly his forever family walked through the door. It was love at first sight!

Liam now has a wonderful family and a very sweet little human sister who already loves him to bits.

Have a happy life Liam, you so deserve this!



Happy days! Beautiful Rosie has been adopted!

Her incredible new human came to Dogtown initially to look at small dogs to adopt, but as it happened, Rosie was the one who spoke to his heart <3

Rosie originally came to us from another rescue centre because they were struggling to find a home for her.

Have a happy new life Rosie!


WhatsApp Image 2019-04-01 at 20.49.05Sweet Yoko has been adopted! It took a few visits but it was worth the effort for sure <3 She now has a fur-sibling who she loves to play with. She also has 2 cats to keep her company and a tiny human of her own.
Yoko comes from a home where her human suffered a terrible tragedy and unfortunately all the furkids had to be surrendered for rehoming.
We are grateful that we were given the chance to get to know this sweet girl and even better, match her up with her new perfect family <3


WhatsApp Image 2019-04-01 at 20.49.06Drumroll folks…. Beautiful Branca has finally found the forever home and family she has been waiting for. Branca and her 2 siblings were handed in to Dogtown because their family were moving to a smaller place and they could not take the furkids with them.
Branca now has the most handsome fur-brother, Alfons and a stunning human-family who love her so much already.
Have a happy ever after Branca, you deserve this <3