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Adorable Digit

digitI’ve always loved dogs, and I’ve been known to be a German Shephard lady because they are so beautiful and clever, and…..and…..and…

But loving a shelter dog back to life has been one of the greatest privileges I’ve ever experienced. There’s something so very special about a homeless dog. It really is one of those personal experiences that change your life.

That brings me to Adorable Digit……. you get adorable dogs and then you get Digit…

When Digit was saved from a bad owner and a bad situation, and showed up at DogtownSA, this shepherd mix stole my heart with his soulful brown eyes (which tells a sad, sad story), his thick coat and his “dainty” way of walking, as if he walks on eggs. He was very shy and timid and was afraid of everyone and everything. He soon became friends with Crosby and they are still living together.

He won’t allow anyone to touch him. He is still wary of people, but as time passed, Digit’s trust in me increased slowly and he began to show his amazing personality. He proved to me that all the misconceptions about shelter dogs are so far from the truth, and if given the right amount of patience and love, they can transform into amazing pets and be your friend – for life!

Digit showed me that shelter dogs CAN change and deserve good homes. All “those issues” don’t really matter when you once looked into his beautiful eyes. The incredible spirit a shelter dog exhibits is truly inspiring. He experienced so much pain and heartbreak, yet he is still willing to give unconditional love to anyone willing to give him a second chance to a good life. Most of the shelter dogs are mixed breeds like Digit, with goofy characteristics that make them undesirable to someone looking for perfection, but those flaws add up to a dog with intense character and spirit. One floppy ear or crooked teeth just make them all that more endearing to us who love them.

Digit1 feb2015

Me and Digit had a moment the other day………I was scratching him underneath his chin and he allowed me to press his head against my shoulder! It was magic! At that moment I felt so much love for this adorable, shy dog. The next thing I realized is the tears rolling down my cheeks. Adorable Digit tears of happiness and love!

Imagine yourself having the same moment of love and happiness when you allow Digit to become part of YOUR life……

Are you willing to try and experience the bliss?

Contact adopt@dogtownsa.org for more info about Digit 🙂

By Susan, Caregiver

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