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Aggression Workshop presented by Steve Mann

The most calls for help we receive for behaviour problems is for dog aggression. Now dog aggression is a description used loosely and not always the correct diagnosis. Most of the time when we are called on for help, the dog is actually displaying fear. As humans, we don’t always understand why something is making our dogs fearful. It can be something we are completely oblivious about and all we see is the dog baring teeth and we immediately assume its aggression. Many dogs lose their homes and families due to this lack of knowledge and here at Dogtown, we want to give you the tools to understand aggression and fear in dogs. International, celebrity dog trainer Steve Mann will be giving an in-depth workshop on Dog Aggression at Dogtown SA on the 1st of September 2019 and it’s definitely a workshop you don’t want to miss. Book your spot with marna@dogtownsa.org tickets cost R550  and the workshop runs from 09h00 – 15h00

Join International celebrity dog trainer Steve Mann as he gives and in-depth workshop on dog aggression. One of the most common behaviour issues among dogs. The invaluable information gathered in this workshop will help both trainers and dog owners alike and help them build a more harmonious life with their dogs.

25 August 2019
@ Dogtown SA
Bookings: marna@dogtownsa.org