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About Alice

by Tersha

Alice is the sweet and friendly furry face you see when you enter Dogtown. She has come a very long way since the day she arrived as a bitey, snarly snappy little redhead.   She was very difficult to handle, she did not want to be touched. Dipping her was out of the question…she hated water. She growled at dogs passing her by and introducing her to other dogs was not really an option. I immediately started working with the clicker on her, rewarding her for any interaction. Handling exercises was done on a daily basis. After a proper vet check with the specialist and appropriate medicine for her hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis she slowly started to become much more tolerant of being handled however men was still a challenge. So every month she went to the vet, I would click and reward her for looking at the male staff who worked at the vet until eventually she had no issue being handled by the vet. Our next challenge was getting her to be OK with water, because we really wanted her to go for hydro-therapy to relieve her aches and pains.   Luckily, where treats go, there Alice will go. If the treats are in the water, then Alice will go into the water. After lots of water games she very soon splashed in her pool by herself and off to doggie paddle we went. I wish I could tell you she loves it, but she doesn’t. She really does not like it but she is a good sport and she bravely completes her physio sessions. She has started to make friends with Precious who also goes to Doggie Paddle, and just last week she was very happy to meet little Chummy and take a walk with him. She has also made friends with Doggie Paddle’s male assistants.   Alice has made a 180 degree change due to a great team, a great vet and the wonderful people at Doggie Paddle.

Alice Alice 2IMG_4570