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Alleviate Boredom in Dogs through Entertainment and Exercise


Alleviate Boredom in Dogs through Entertainment and Exercise
by Mary-Jane Gallagher

Did you know that dogs’ brains shrink when they’re bored? Their brains shrink because neurons in the dogs’ brain will die if they are not stimulated. Pet owners may envy their canine companions lying around the house sleeping and snoring, but scientists warned about the negative effects of bestial boredom.  Bored dogs will also look for ways to entertain themselves such as chewing anything at your home or barking frequently at night.  If you want to improve your dog’s behaviour, you must keep them entertained and exercised.

Keep them entertained

A new toy excites dogs so try to give them different types of toys.  It’s better to give them toys that will be fun for them. Giving them challenging toys like food dispensing ones to entertain them throughout the day. Another option would be to have a DIY toy and create your own personal game with your pup.

Dogs love to chew. There are hundreds of edible products available in the market that will keep your dog’s jaws and mouth busy while you’re at work or vacation.  Most dog owners give their dogs a tough chew bone that their dogs can’t easily tear apart and avoid giving them pork or chicken bones because they’re linked to intestinal blockages.  An edible chew bone or a rubber one is a safer alternative and they also provide dental care.

If you give your dogs the same toys or let them have a toy for a long time, it will also make them bored. Rotate the toys you have so that each time you give them an old toy, it would seem new to them. You could also sign up for a toy subscription box or other monthly service to keep your pooch interested in their toys and help relieve them of their boredom whenever they play with them.  

Keep them exercised

Dogs are very energetic animals and need to expel this energy during the day to stay physically and mentally healthy. So, if you’re dog is demonstrating destructive behaviour, chances are he’s trying to burn off energy. Exercise is a better option that finding damages to your property and furniture. Integrating exercise into the daily routine of your pet is easy.  For example, you can walk them or play a game of fetch with them. In this way, you and your dog get some exercise.

Playing with other dogs is also one way to alleviate dog’s boredom.  They are such playful pets and they will surely enjoy the company of their friends.  You can organize play dates with other pet parents in your neighbourhood or find out whether there’s a nearby dog park where your dog can meet and socialize.  You could also adopt another pooch so that your dog has someone to play with all day.  With another dog, you don’t have to worry about your pet being alone all day.

The lesson here is that a tired and busy dog is a happy dog. As long as you provide entertainment and exercise to your dog, they won’t easily get bored. These are just some of the ways to keep pets entertained and exercised, but the possibilities are endless.