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An Un-BEE-lievable journey

Let me take you guys on a journey, not the smiley, happy, icing on the cake kind of journey, but rather real life journey that most people do not want to hear about. Its my journey and yes, its difficult to imagine but here I am today, strong, beautiful and eager to be the furkid I was meant to be …. This is my story …


My name is Bianca. I am scared of people. With good reason. My journey before Dogtown is sketchy, I think my mind blocks it out. The last thing before Dogtown I remember was running down a street with my soulmate, my brother, my best friend Keith . There were kids chasing us, throwing rocks at us. Shouting at us. Its all a bit sketchy and I dont like to relive that but it happened, people can be so cruel. Then they came, Dogtown people came. They were different to the little kids, they didnt do anything to hurt us, they just wanted us to go with them. I was hesitant but I looked at Keith and he looked at me as if to say “it will be ok” … so i followed him. No matter what, Keith has never let me down.  That was then. I have come a long way since then. I am still scared of humans, but not all of them. Sometimes it takes me a while to realize somebody is a goodie, Keith is much quicker at summing people up. He gets tons of treats for his bravery (and it shows). I like to take my time and be 100% sure that when I allow somebody in, they are there to stay.

FB_IMG_1453227700224Im proud to say I am now affectionately called BEE, yes .. I have a nickname…. I am loved! The humans here at Dogtown have invested so much time and effort into making me feel good about myself. its hard to explain, little things that are not really even worth mentioning …. meant something to me. They took their time and slowly introduced me to different objects, different games, different textures. All of this helped me to become a stronger girl without even realising it. I got to learn that not all interaction is bad, I can be me. The other day, my caregiver did an exercise with me and all I had to do was look at an object and then I got a treat! how easy peasy is that! She was so impressed with me. Every time I did it right, she looked at me and that smile of hers pretty much wrapped around her entire head. I felt proud and I’m sure it showed. Everyday for me is an experience, I get to go on walks with Keith and explore this stunning mountain we live on. I get to do training, I get to get lost in a chewy, I get to be me. I get to forget about Bianca, the terrified girl who was chased down the street.



I get to be the new me.
The strong me.
The not-quite-confident-but-getting-there me.
I get to be BEE..

By Wilmi, Caregiver

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