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Another month has come and gone and we still haven’t won the lottery…

Another month has come and gone and we still haven’t won the lottery… and humans haven’t become more caring and loving yet either … but we live in forever hope that one day all humans will love doggies as much as we do.

 This year has been a struggle for Dogtown. We’ve had more downs than ups but the few ups are what keep us going and the look of our 164 dogs eyes every morning, reminds us what we are here to do. I like to focus on the good, if we were to focus on the sadness we would never make it through each day.

This month’s “YEAHS” include:

Our beautiful Tiara who is continuing to get better. Our awesome family at Yankee Candle making sure that every dog at Dogtown will recieve a yummy Montego treat or toy this Christmas. Now that should surely motivate you to buy your loved ones a Yankee Candle this Christmas. Remember they also donate R2 to animals with every candle sale. We adore the amazing people who have supported our appeal to “virtually adopt” this Christmas.



So even though our dogs do not have a loving home of their own (yet), our doggies will know they are loved this Christmas. Email pat@dogtownsa.org to find out how you can make Christmas special for one of our many abandoned furkids.

Thankfully 5 of our beautiful furkids will be enjoying the holidays with their new families just like they deserve.





Our Hound Sleeper appeal made sure every dog (that won’t destroy it) has a comfy spot to rest 🤗. How amazing are you guys 😬 and our wonderful family at Hound Sleeper. Check out some pics of our furkids enjoying their new Hound Sleepers, sponsored by our wonderful townies – CLICK HERE

We welcomed 2 new team members to our family, Keisha and Jacqui both bring a wealth of knowledge to their roles of caregivers here at Dogtown and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have them taking care of our doggies.


Our past month has followed the year’s roller coaster ride pattern; with the up’s there are downs. The heat has been taking its toll on all of us. Just yesterday in the blazing heat 2 of our team members passed out in the heat 🙁 While we are all so busy making sure we focus to make sure our dogs are safe and comfortable we often forget to take care of ourselves. We’re so busy making sure the dogs water bowls are full of fresh cool water we forget to replenish ourselves with fresh water 🙈.


image1Our lovely Benji who has been seizure free for over a year, had a bad episode so he spent some time with the wonderful team at Fourways vet. We’re starting to think we need a bedroom there as we are spending so much time there with our doggies who need specialized care.


The strays keep pouring in and each one breaks our hearts a little more, especially when we try so hard to find their families but it seems no-one is looking for them. If only everyone would chip their dogs, it could make reuniting them with their families so much easier. Our bright orange T-shirt’s have come in handy this past month as we’ve had to flag down traffic while trying to catch little strays running in the road. Not all people are accommodating when there is a dog running in the road but we are so grateful to our community who do stop and help us get these terrified souls to safety.


dogtownsa-bracelet-charm-logoWe’ve been at every event possible trying to sell our merchandise and raise funds and awareness for our doggies but we’ve been feeling the pinch. With our current economy people have less money to give so we are so grateful to each and everyone of you who have given your hard earned cash to help us save more lives. If you are looking for an awesome gift for your animal loving family and friends head over to our ONLINE SHOPCLICK HERE or of course email pat@dogtownsa.org to virtually adopt a Dogtown dog this Christmas.


Our vet bills have a mind of their own and we never seem to be in the clear. So any donations to help us keep our furkids healthy are extremely appreciated.
Thank you townies, we are nothing without your love and support and we never forget that we are here to serve the doggies in our care to the best of our ability always